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Targeted Case Management

Case management- Children 

  • Services provided in the home, schools, and/or office

  • Identify areas where children can improve to boost their functioning and quality of life.

  • Create short and long-term goals.

  • Provide referrals to resources and other community services.

  • Coordinate between parent/guardian, teachers, therapists, psychiatrists and community agencies to enhance communication and promote consistency. 

  • Linkage to community resources for free or low-cost social activities

  • Linkage to housing assistance, utility assistance, food assistance, clothing assistance, school supplies, holiday assistance and other basic needs

  • Assistance to linkage for medical and dental needs

  • Linkage to support groups

  • Communicate and advocate for clients involved with Dept. of Children & Families, Dept. of Juvenile Justice and Probation Officers

  • Assist clients and parents with navigating the school system and advocating for Individual Education Plans and 504-plan development

  • Linkage for occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech specialists

  • Linkage to psychiatric services and monitoring or linking to medication management

  • Completion of a SIPP packet for linkage to inpatient residential care

  • Empowering clients and families to have the ability to advocate for themselves and their own needs



Case Management- Adult 

  • Services provided in the home and/or office

  • Support system to access medical, social, education and other services

  • Linkage for legal support

  • Financial hardships

  • Parenting classes

  • Linkage to free or low-cost:

  • Housing assistance

  • Utility assistance

  • Clothing assistance

  • Holiday assistance

  • Social activities

  • Assistance to linkage for medical and dental providers

  • Assistance with linkage to GED programs, college applications, and financial aid information 

  • Assistance with linking to resources to assist with food stamp applications/renewals, social security disability applications and/or unemployment assistance

  • Assistance with resume building and linkage to resources for job opportunities

  • Linkage to psychiatric services and monitoring for medication management needs

  • Empowering clients to have the ability to advocate for themselves and their needs.

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