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Meaningful Giving...Imagine the difference you can make!

Help us raise funds to support our mission and bring visibility and awareness about mental health to the communities we serve. SMHC provides outreach, advocacy and support to nearly 1,400 clients every month, including hundreds of students at more than 80 schools in Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.


We welcome your partnership in promoting mental wellness and ensuring a brighter future for every child, adult and family. 

A computer and cell phone with donation information

What a Dollar Does


Monthly cost for a psychiatric provider to facilitate services to clients via Telehealth platform


Weekly travel expense for a therapist to meet with clients at homes and schools


Therapeutic games and materials for engaging young clients during therapy sessions


Supports one child’s participation in an extracurricular activity through our Children’s Activity Fund 


One psychiatric evaluation by a Board-certified doctor specializing in mental health


Monthly therapy sessions for one client


Weekly travel expense for case management team to provide advocacy and resources for clients/families


One month of service for HIPAA compliant appointment reminder system 


Six months of therapeutic counseling for one client


One year of funding for our Children’s Activity Fund to support activities related to treatment goals

Since going to therapy at Suncoast, I have learned positive coping skills that help me manage my anxiety. My therapist tailors our sessions to what is going on in my life currently and helps me understand the underlying cause of my problems.



- Susan

I was apprehensive about case management because I don't like asking for help, but I never would've been able to find such amazing resources without the help of my case manager. I was able to get financial aid, clothes and school supplies for my kids. My case manager is friendly and supportive. I am so thankful for her.

- Mikaela

My son has been struggling in school for some time now. I decided to reach out to Suncoast to get him involved in therapy. He is now thriving and learning how to cope with his anxiety. Although my son was the patient, his therapist was so supportive of me and my family. The fact that the therapists are available in the schools as well made it so easy and convenient for my son to receive therapy. 

- David

What I love about Suncoast is it's family-centered approach to health. Yes, it is a mental health center, but they really widen their view of health to help you achieve overall wellness in every aspect of your life. Mindfulness exercises are my favorite part of therapy. It's almost like yoga for your mind.

- Rosemary

*Names have been changed to protect our clients' identities*

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